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Needs & Wants

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This  Page's Purpose

Ever notice that there are items you'd really like to have that you just can't get?  Well, that's what this page is all about!  I'm in the reconstruction and restoration business, and there a certain manuals that I want to ensure that are restored and available for the future.  Very honestly, I reconstruct, restore, and preserve them - and then I sell them.  If you have any unusual or different field, technical, or other types of 20th century firearms manuals that are of "U.S. Government" origin, simply send me an email with a description and/or picture.  I will "horse trade" you for the privilege of scanning your manual, tech pub, etc. - and you get it back too! 


Why do I do this?  Think about it...people move, throw things out, houses get destroyed by fire or water damage, etc.  The "history" is lost forever! I make daily backups and monthly data deposits to a bank vault to ensure the viability and longevity of the products I offer.  Basically the data I am collecting will survive me and be passed on to others.  


Specific needs (simply "click" the picture):


SA-SIP-200 - M1 National Match Rifle Inspection Procedures











Other specific needs (listed below dealing with U.S. military firearms):

1. U.S. Army Technical Bulletins (TBs)

2. U.S. Army Supply Bulletins (SBs)

3. U.S. Army Standard Nomenclature Lists (SNLs)

4. Other U.S. military materials similar to paragraphs #1 through #3 above

5. Graphic Training Aids (GTAs)

6. U.S. Army Supply Catalogs

7. Early PS Magazines - Mainly #1 through 109 (just need to borrow them for scanning)

8. Any other U.S. Government unclassified / releasable technical materials dealing with firearms


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E-mail: themerc@windstream.net


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Send email to themerc@windstream.net with feedback, questions or comments.


CONDITION OF SALE AND USE OF MATERIALS FOUND, PROVIDED, AND / OR SOLD ON THIS WEBSITE: The information contained in the downloads, books, or blueprints found on this website are provided to the reader solely for his or her amusement, curiosity, and education.  Nicolaus Associates assumes no responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of this information.  Any other use of this information may be subject to a variety of applicable laws and regulations and is the sole responsibility of those who choose to use it.  These government books and drawings are "obsolete" - the U.S. government does not know whether they are accurate or not - the people who did know are long-ago dead from old age!  Therefore, Nicolaus Associates does not know either!  Any attempt to use these books or drawings to build, modify, or use on any firearm would not be smart or very intelligent, could actually be dangerous, and may actually violate federal, state, or local law. 

Last modified: 25 MAY 2019