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M1 Garand, M1C Sniper's, M1D Sniper's, M1903, M1903A1, M1903A3, M1903A4, M1 "Gas Trap", MC-1 Sniper's, M1/M2 Carbine Blueprints, M1911 Pistol, M1911A1 Pistol, M84 Telescope, M82 Telescope, M81 Telescope, and M15 General Officer's Pistol

I am in the process of writing several books on the above rifles.  Late model M1 & M1D Garand drawings are available for individual purchase, although I recommend you purchase my books: "Rifle, U.S. Cal .30, M1: Diagrams & Pictures", "Rifle, U.S. Cal .30, M1D Sniper's: Diagrams & Pictures", "M1 Garand Rear Sights: Diagrams & Pictures, First Edition", "Pistol, Automatic, Cal .45, M1911A1: Diagrams & Pictures", and "Telescope M84: Diagrams & Pictures"


Blueprint Drawing Dimensions (Inches) and Cost:

"A" - 8.5" x 11" - $8.00 each

"B" - 11" x 17" - $10.00 each

"C" - 17" x 22" - $15.00 each

"D" - 22" x 34" - $20.00 each

"E" - 34" x 44" - $20.00 each

"F" - 28" x 40" - $20.00 each


Research Fees:

I am often contacted concerning US government blueprints that are simply not prepped and ready to be distributed. Additionally, many customers will say (for example): "I need all the prints for the M1 Carbine Bolt Assembly." They provide no nomenclature or individual part number breakdown for the assembly or individual parts. This requires much research on my part. TIME = MONEY. Therefore, if more then 15 minutes of time is required to research and prepare a group of blueprints for pricing and/or reproduction I will charge a simple research fee. The rate charged will be $50.00 per hour of research time. 


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CONDITION OF SALE AND USE OF MATERIALS FOUND, PROVIDED, AND / OR SOLD ON THIS WEBSITE: The information contained in the downloads, books, or blueprints found on this website are provided to the reader solely for his or her amusement, curiosity, and education.  Nicolaus Associates assumes no responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of this information.  Any other use of this information may be subject to a variety of applicable laws and regulations and is the sole responsibility of those who choose to use it.  These government books and drawings are "obsolete" - the U.S. government does not know whether they are accurate or not - the people who did know are long-ago dead from old age!  Therefore, Nicolaus Associates does not know either!  Any attempt to use these books or drawings to build, modify, or use on any firearm would not be smart or very intelligent, could actually be dangerous, and may actually violate federal, state, or local law. 

Last modified: 25 MAY 2019